The Best Drain Cleaning Service

Drains get clogged because of many items such as hair, soap, and dirt. In addition, food wastes, toilet paper, coffee, and tea leaves can clog your drain.

In case your drain slowly runs or it is clogged, Katy Water Heater is ready to unclog it. Our company is an experienced and professional company provides superior residential and commercial services for all Katy, Texas residents.

Is your kitchen sink clogged? Our service includes all drain types, if your kitchen drains get clogged due to fat, food wastes, grease, and soap, we will clean it. When your bathroom is clogged because of hair, soap, diaper, dirt, toothpaste, and toilet paper, we can unclog the bathroom sink and shower drain as well.

Our plumbers can unclog storm drain, garbage disposal drain, sewer drain, utility room drains, and any other clogged drainage pipe.

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Advanced Drain Cleaning Methods

We seek your satisfaction; therefore, our aim is to provide you with great service. Our plumbers are specialists, they know how to clean drains using advanced tools and machines.

Through our advanced machines, we will help you to save your time and money at once. Our service includes a hydro jetting method that is completely clean your drain pipes. Besides, our plumbers are equipped with +advanced equipment such as video cameras and drain snakes.

Not all clogged drains can be cleaned by using a drain cleaner even if you get the best drain clog remover in the market. That is why our service is here in every place in Katy TX to have your back when you have a clogged drain.

Clogged drains lead to many problems such as sink overflow and bad smells, you can avoid all drainage problems by contacting us.

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The Benefits Of Drain Cleaning Service

When your drain is clogged because of stuck items in your drain, these items cause bad smells in your sink. However, by cleaning your drain, you will get rid of these bad smells.

In addition, cleaned drain pipe increases the water flow to help you in using your faucet smoothly. You also will have drain flies and mold in case you have a clogged drain! Keep your house clean and save your health by getting our drain cleaning service.

Don’t wait until you face a serious problem like water damage that costs you a lot. “Rely on our affordable and trusted drain cleaning service that is easily accessible in Katy, Texas”.

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